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Venice in Winter
Small Group Six-Day Photo Tour

December 10th-16th, 2023

In winter, Venice shows what is probably its genuine face.  With most of the noisy crowd of tourist reduced to just a handful of art lovers, the beauties of the Serenissima are more readily appreciated. No noise, no waiting, lower prices, slower paces. 
Moreover, you can even meet true Venetians in winter, a people you would consider as extinct in every other period of the year. Which is a blessing, if your aim as a visitor is to try to live the town from its very inside rather than to merely scratch its ready-made-for-tourist gleaming surface.

For photographers, there are a few more advantages.
In winter days the sun seems never to rise, rather it remains low above the horizon line and somewhat its light is scattered in the sky, as if it was shining through a window of polished glass or alabaster, and the shadows are as long as church aisles.
Sunrises last for ages, and so do sunsets. It is breathtaking just staring at this glorious representation, watching the sun while it slowly emerges from or dives into the pale green waters of the lagoon, occasionally peeping through layers of bold rainy clouds at the horizon and casting its faint rays on the facades of palaces and churches.

- Six Days Landscape Photography Workshop with Paolo De Faveri -

Venice and the Venetian Lagoon, Italy - December 10th-16th, 2023

Tour Highlights

• Full time in the field guidance and instructions from a professional landscape and travel photographer with 10+ years of experience in international photography tours and workshops.
• A very small group size (5 people max.) ensuring the necessary tutor’s attention for each guest;
Public transportation is also included for the length of the tour
• A
fulfilling itinerary where you will photograph the stunning iconic views of the Serenissima in the best possible light and discover many of the hidden treasure this amazing floating city and the surrounding lagoon has to offer.
• At least one 
image processing session, where we will analyze in details basic and advanced techniques of post-processing
Inspiration, fun and a great time!

Need to Know


Venice, Italy



December 10th - 16th, 2023





2'550 EUR tutoring, + 520 EUR for the accommodation, to be paid directly at the hotel's desk when checking out



Easy - We will take many daily walks of a few hundred meters one way. For longer transfers we will use public transportation (water buses). However, due the unpredictable and fast-changing weather conditions typical of the Venetian Lagoon in winter time, a reasonable  level of fitness, adaptability and familiarity with outdoor activities in winter time is required.



Required: DSLR or mirrorless camera, 28-120 mm zoom lens, tripod


Who's for

Open to any photographer interested in landscape and travel photography, whether a beginner or a pro

What's Included

• In the field full time tutoring and instructions
• Reservation of your double room single usagefor 6 nights at the  hotel Ca' Marinella (or similar), with continental breakfast included. You will pay the hotel bill (about 520 EUR) when you check out. Or, if you prefer, you are free to book your favourite accommodation, provided that it is in a 5 minutes walking range from San Marco square.

• 7 days pass ticket for the waterbuses
• at least 1 image processing session (a laptop with photo processing software is required)

What's Not Included

• Meals & beverages

• international air travel tickets
• cancellation and travel insurance
• Venice local tourists tax (approx 4,50 EUR/night pax)
• tickets to churches, museums, and gondolas
• Everything not specifically listed as included

Payment Terms

A deposit of 40% of the total amount will be required to hold your space in this workshop. The balance will be due not later than 4 weeks before the start of the tour. You will be provided by email with instructions on how to make the payments.

This workshop is strictly limited to 5 guests, so don't delay. If you've been thinking about a photo workshop in Venice then click the button below, fill the form with all the information required and any other information you wish to communicate. You will be contacted back right away with the instructions on how to pay the deposit and make a reservation.

Day-by-Day Itinerary

Photo Gear


• Tripod
• Dslr or mirrorless camera
• Enough storage cards for at least 32 GB
• A zoom lens covering at least the 28/120 mm range on a full frame sensor, the equivalent on cropped sensors
• Camera user's manual

Recommended additional/optional items

• A very sturdy tripod with panoramic head
• Wide angle to normal zoom lens, at least 24/70 mm on a full frame sensor, the equivalent on cropped sensors. Ideally one 16/35 mm and a    28/70 mm
• Long tele zoom lens - 70/200mm is enough, 300mm is recommended
• Enough storage cards for at least 64 GB
• Extra Camera batteries
• Photography backpacks come in handy to protect the equipment if it rains and to facilitate transfers from a shooting location to another
• polarizer filter
• a set of Graduated ND filters, at least a 2 and a 3 stops (it is ideal to have all the range from 1 to 4 stops)
• ND filters for long exposures, ideally  one 10 stops and one 6 stop
• remote  (or cable) switch
• for the image processing session, a laptop with Photoshop CS3 or newer and Lightroom 3.x or newer

Clothes and Accessories

Winter days in Venice are cold, very humid and often foggy, and wind may be strong and chilly cold when blowing from the east and from the Alps. So a full set of warm winter clothes is recommended, including but not limited to:

• pile pullovers
• gloves
• headdress
• wind/water proof jacket
• water proof shoes or gumboots, ideal for shooting at the beach of Lido and in the case o Acqua Alta (high tide)
• Head lamps (the hours of daylight in winter are limited to 8, so we will often shoot in total obscurity)

Image Gallery
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Got Inspired?

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Please use also this form for sending any other information you wish to communicate, and/or for asking questions about the tour, photo gear, particular  needs and wishes, etc.
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“You are not only a brilliant photographer and excellent teacher, but a thoroughly nice chap too! With your guidance, I've learned more about my camera and the technicalities of photography than I've learned from reading magazines!” 

—  Herman Chow, Amsterdam

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