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Words from my friends across the globe


 Sheila Munch - Toronto, Canada

We had an absolutely amazing time with you Paolo. You took us to places only a local would now about. You treated us like good friends and shared your knowledge. I want to thank you for an amazing week. Your expertise and passion for photography is surpassed by none.  You were caring and kind not only to me, but my friends.  I have learned so much on this trip but also realize how much I still have to learn and practice.  I look forward to more workshops with you, Can’t wait till our next time together.

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 Sue Henderson - Toronto, Canada

Paolo, meeting you was the highlight of my trip to Italy! You took us to places most tourists would never find, we took some fantastic photos, and laughed until our sides hurt. I hope you will consider a trip to Canada, I think you might like our fall landscapes.



 Jean-Claude Schmidt - Maryland, USA

Hi Paolo,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for an excellent workshop in Venice in March. Where to start with how you made this an amazing experience and adventure for both my wife and I. The communication up front was excellent and always very prompt and clear. You provided us with all the information we requested and a whole lot more of interesting and useful recommendations as we prepared for our arrival in Venice. Although the actual workshop was relatively short due to our travel plans, we packed an incredible amount into two and a half days in Venice. There as no possibility to have done more than what we accomplished in those days together.

Not only did I learn a lot about photography, as well as capture some amazing shots, but I particularly enjoyed the information you provided as we walked through different neighborhoods, and as we came upon places of interest in Venice.

We both enjoyed the visit to Venice so much that we will be back early next year for me to photograph Carnival, and for Mary Ann to participate in the Carnival with an outfit that she is planning of making herself.

We will need to work out details for the trip next Carnival but we would like to join your workshop next year.


Thank you again and see you soon in Venice again.

Best wishes

Jean Claude



 Noline Skeet - Auckland, New Zealand

I was travelling on my own for part of my European trip. I wanted to find a reputable photographer to take me to spots I normally wouldn’t find and help me to advance my photographic skills. After seeing Paolo’s website I was fascinated with the Cinque Terre area and from the onset Paolo answered my questions, got back to me instantaneously and gave me a detailed itinerary. By this stage I was jumping out of my skin with excitement and this never waned. Paolo was very easy to work with - relaxed, very informative and nothing was too much trouble. I really enjoyed his positivity, sense of humour and absolute passion about photography.
Paolo explained the scientific reasoning behind constructing a good image in easy to understand terms along with many tips and ideas to improve my photography. I learned much from him, including the processing lesson via skype. All in all an enjoyable, inspiring  experience that I would highly recommend to other photographers. Thank you so much Paolo.


Burton Rein - Los Angeles, CA, USA

I highly recommend Paolo de Faveri.  I found him to be an excellent photographer from whom I learned a great deal. 
Moreover, he is trustworthy, conscientious, hard-working, enthusiastic, patient, thoroughly knowledgeable as to the best locations for getting the best shots, is a very good driver, and very supportive.  
Despite all the foregoing, spending hours of every day for five consecutive days with Paolo, a person we had never met until day #1, could have been enervating to say the least. 
However, much to our relief, Paolo proved to be easy to be with - perhaps most importantly because he is sensitive, attentive, caring and just an all around good person with a good heart.


Linda J. Tang - San Francisco, CA, USA

Photographing Tuscany has been on the top of my photo bucket list for a long, long time. I had contacted 4-5 different photographers but ultimately chose Paolo.  I could tell he was very passionate about his profession, listens and cares about his clients. From the get go, he always responded promptly to my emails and created a customized itinerary based on my location requests. We skype chatted a couple of times before the trip so I would be comfortable with the itinerary, clarify expectations and so I could "meet" him beforehand. This was especially comforting for a single female traveler. The trip was fantastic. He took me to the locations I was looking for, gave me on-the-field tips, and photoshop lectures. Even after the trip, he offered to keep in touch and help me with postprocessing, which I still have to take him up on! If you take a photo trip in Tuscany, you must pick Paolo!


Vivek Raval - New York City, NY, USA

I've been on two trips with Paolo, the first in the Western Alps which is his natural home, and the second to Venice which may as well be his second home. I can say without a doubt that he is a professional who not only has an immense passion for photography, Italy, and history, but also the care, wit, and personality to look after fellow travellers and photo enthusiasts.
Paolo knows the regions very well and will take you to wonderful locations he knows after many years of photographing. He loves to teach others about photography and I would feel comfortable recommending him to the novice or the expert looking to have a great time, learn some new techniques, and come home with some amazing pics to print. I personally learned many things about pic stitching, filters, focus, composition, and post-processing. His knowledge also stretches to the best restaurants and hotels whatever your budget.

The bottom line is -- if you are looking for a tailored, off the beaten path trip centered on photography in the beautiful surroundings of Italy, then Paolo is perfect.


Jeffrey Corey - Lagos, Nigeria

I highly recommend Paolo to anyone wanting to improve their photography skills and enjoy beautiful Italy. Unlike other photography travel trips, Paolo works with you one-on-one to improve your skills. One thing that stands out with Paolo is his love of photography - he is as excited as you are to wake up at the crack of dawn and shoot the sunrise.



Geraldine Macomber - Santa Fe, NM, USA

Hi Paolo, Just a quick line this evening to say what a wonderful time I had and how much I appreciate everything you taught me.  
In spite of the disappointing weather, I felt we achieved a lot - way beyond my expectations.  
I can’t wait to get home and process some of the photos I took, and use all the techniques you taught me to take some really interesting landscape photos, as well as some Close-Up triptychs  - quite amazing how those came out after minimal editing.
You were such an amazing teacher and taught me so much!


Bill Toti - Washington DC, USA

I hired Paolo de Faveri for a photographic workshop in Cinque Terre in May 2014. In short, I could not have been happier with his instruction and guidance. It’s been a long dream of mine to photograph Manarola in the morning, not only did Paolo know exactly where to go, he made sure I got that once-in-a-lifetime shot I’ve been longing for. Paolo was very knowledgeable, enabling me to get the best Cinque Terre shots in the very short time I had to spend on location. Using Paolo made my short visit very productive, since I did not have to go exploring. I only wish I had him with me when I was in Venice!



Marc Cherniwchan - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Perfetto! Veramente eccezionale in ogni modo!!
It was my distinct pleasure to spend a number of days with Paolo this January for his Winter in Venice workshop. My passion is photography, and I sell my work regularly. I had already been to Venice photographing on three separate occasions, once with another professional photo guide familiar with the city, but found my time with Paolo truly exceptional.
I saw things I had never seen before, and learned techniques that I have used repeatedly since. I was with my wife, and we both thoroughly enjoyed our evenings together with Paolo - learning the local customs, and having a chance to experience family-run trattorias and ristoranti that only he would know about.
I would go again in a heartbeat, and am already trying to figure out when I can take my next trip with him. Wouldn’t change a thing. Not a single thing.

Mille grazie, Paolo!



Dirk Marwede - Oldenburg, Germany

It was a quite spontaneous decision to do a three day workshop as I had some spare time in Italy. I have taken photographs all my life and in the last years I did some landscape photography and read some books on that topic.
However, in the field many times questions emerged and I felt uncertain how to compose an image, which technique to use and what I want to express with my photographs. Many times I wished I would have had someone at my side to ask questions and consider different views on any aspect of taking photos.
Paolo did that job and he did a great! He lives in a wonderful area close to many attractive places but also knows to extract beautifulness from places which seem quite ordinary. He planned an itinerary for the trips in mind and adapted the final trips according to local weather conditions. He was very instructive on any topic concerning photography and gave me very useful guidance in the field.
On the other hand he left much space for me to develop my own skills and visions - always at hand when I was struggling and needed some advice. I am very grateful for the time we spent together and would certainly like to repeat that experience as I go on developing my photography.



Aubra Franklin - San Antonio, TX, USA

My wife and I spent a delightful 3 days in Venice with Paolo. Paolo is not only a master photographer but he has an intense passion to share his incredible knowledge of these iconic places.  We are looking forward to our return trip to Tuscany in the near future.

Aubra Franklin Photography


Amy Perlmutter - Chicago, IL, USA

My 21-year-old twins and I took a 3 day Venice workshop with Paolo in December of 2013. Two of us are very serious about photography and one is a casual shooter. I found Paolo by searching the web.  We were so fortunate to find him.  He is incredibly professional and reliable.  We Skyped before our trip so we could meet each other and discuss our desires and hopes for the trip.   We had guides and tours in other cities while in Italy so not only did we want to do photography but we wanted to learn about Venice and its history.  Paolo was capable of doing both.  We loved every minute of our days with him. He is a great photographer and shares his knowledge willingly.  He was perfect for our two different levels of photography. I hope to have the opportunity to go on another trip with him someday!

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Roberto Vannucchi - Prato (Florence), Italy

I've always been perplexed with landscape photography but at the same time it has always attracted me.
Paolo helped me understand why it is worthwhile to spend long hours photographing trees, falls and mountains.
He taught me very helpful photographic tricks and workflows, gave me composition guidelines, made me visit breathtaking places, but, above all, by sharing his passion, helped me to see and approach nature in a new way. Paolo is a good teacher and a special person.
I highly recommend Paolo's workshop both for photographic skills improvement and to recover personal relationship with nature.



Herman Chow - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I'm glad I took a one-on-one Landscape Photography workshop with you as I did get the full attention throughout the course as opposed to a group workshop.
Just wanted to say thank you for a superb session as I found it helpful, making the whole process of taking a photograph much more simple and adding a good deal of enthusiasm into the bargain too.
The days we spent together were relaxed but informative and I thought your approach to the whole thing was spot on. You are not only a brilliant photographer and excellent teacher, but a thoroughly nice chap too! With your guidance, I've learned more about my camera and the technicalities of photography than I've learned from reading magazines. You've also helped me with composition and helped me see things in a completely different way.

If you are considering boosting your existing skills or just want to learn how to compose a better picture, I recommend Paolo wholeheartedly.

Herman Chow Photography


Luisella Moneta - Rome, Italy

Dear Paolo, I would like to share with you my positive feedback on your workshop I attended last summer in Piedmont.
Landscape photography has always been an interest of mine but only after participating your workshop I felt I improved my technical skills. Furthermore, you helped me understanding my personal artistic style which would not succeed in emerging without your professional inspiration.
All the experiments you invited me to do, made me understand all the technical approaches available but you also facilitated my creativity. Your friendly but structured and competent approach and facilitation are very important elements of the success of your 121 workshop. I will certainly join you in another of your workshops soon.

Many thanks and kind regards


Giovanni Russello - Auckland, New Zealand

I have known Paolo personally since 2009 when we first met in Turin. I was there for a short business trip and then I wanted to do some photographic adventures in the Alps at the border with France. So I asked Paolo if he could come along. Before that, we had exchanged some emails and comments over our pictures using the Nature Photographer website where both of us were active at the time. 
Already through emails Paolo showed a great sense of humour and enthusiasm. When we met in person and started discussing about photography, Paolo showed a deep understanding and knowledge not only of the technique but also of the environment where we were in. It clearly showed up that we were playing in his backyard and we were in the right spot at the right time for the best light!
Although I do not consider myself a beginner, I felt very comfortable with the tips and advices Paolo would share with me. I would greatly recommend Paolo as a tutor in a photo-tour for people of any level in their photography path. Paolo’s enthusiasm and charisma will make any adventures with him memorable.

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