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In Venice as a Venetian

© Paolo De Faveri 2014


• 10x8 inches (25x20 cm) large format landscape book
available in three version: soft cover, hardcover with colour jacket and hard cover with image wrap
• 130 pages
• 88 large format high quality prints, among which 24 in a breath-taking two-pages spread wide panoramic format
• field notes for each image included

Retail price: from € 59,99

Inverno Veneziano: wintry wanderings from dawn to dusk in the chilly, foggy, drafty and almost deserted canals, calli, campi, bridges and isles of the Serenissima.

In winter days the sun seems never to rise, rather it remains quite low above the horizon line and somewhat its light is scattered in the sky, as if it was shining through a window of polished glass or alabaster, and the shadows are as long as church aisles.
Sunrises last for ages, and so do sunsets. It is breathtaking just staring at this glorious representation, watching the sun while it slowly emerges from or dives into the pale green waters of the lagoon, peeping every now and then through layers of bold rainy clouds at the horizon and casting its faint rays on the facades of palaces and churches.
And then, totally unexpected, the sky breaks for a moment, and the lagoon is suddenly flooded with a magnificent warm light.
Photographically speaking, these are the best conditions you could hope for, if you are looking for those moody and mysterious atmospheres you had always dreamed of, when thinking of Venice.

Enticing Colours 
and Haunting Atmospheres

© Paolo De Faveri 2008


• 13x11 inches (33x28 cm) large format landscape book
• hardcover with colour jacket or image wrap
•120 pages
• 106 large format 11x8,5 inches (30x20 cm) high quality prints

Retail price: from € 122,63

Enticing Colours and Haunting Atmospheres features some of the most appealing and worldwide renown natural environment of Italy and of the French Atlantic coast, such as the wild areas of the Western Alps, the enchanted villages of Cinque Terre and the surrounding rocky coast, the serene rural sceneries of the plain at the feet of the Alps and the untouched natural environment of the alpine glacial lakes. And then again, the breathtaking cliffs of Etretat and the huge Mont Saint Michel bay rich of mistery and mood, the jagged coastline of the Cotentin peninsula and the medieval architectures of the Norman villages.
More than 100 large sized photographs collected in a 120 pages fine quality, hard covered large format book.

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