Cinque Terre Photography Workshop

The gorgeous seascapes of the Italian Riviera

The Cinque Terre, famous worldwide for their five medieval villages with small fishermen harbours, narrow cobblestone lanes, steep slopes with terraced grape vines and romantic trails, is a place of incomparable beauty.
Recognized in 1997 by the Unesco Mankind's World Heritage, the Cinque Terre and the hinterland are today a National Park and Protected Marine Area with the aim of preserving this great cultural heritage and natural environment. 
But the Italian Riviera is far from being only the Five Lands. Many other towns and villages of the Ligurian coast are no less interesting, and provide countless great spots for a fulfilling photography workshop. Just to name a few: Camogli with its Dragon's Castle a step away from the sea, the charming bay of Portofino, the colourful houses on the beach of Varigotti, Portovenere with its romanesque church clinging onto a promontory rising sheer from the sea.
The shoreline is where the three visual elements of our planet's surface, earth sea and sky, are all available at the same time. Photographing these elements at dawn or sunset, or under heavy weather conditions I believe is one of the most fulfilling experience for a landscape photographer.

Main Shooting Locations


Riomaggiore, the western-most village of the Cinque Terre, rises between two rugged cliffs that drops into the sea. The cliffs are impressive and even more impressive are the lines of tall and narrow houses built on them.


Manarola, with its colourful fishermen's houses clinging onto the rugged cliffs and its tiny harbour, is probably the most pictoresque among the five villages. The reefs surrounding the harbour are the perfect location for photographing amazing crashing waves when the sea is rough.


Corniglia is placed on a flat-top cliff about 100 meters high. It’s the only village in the Cinque Terre that has not a direct access to the sea. Made of alleys and narrow lanes dug into the cliff itself, Corniglia also feature a beautiful beach, the “Spiaggione”, with big, very photogenic multi-coloured pebbles and boulders.


Vernazza is placed on another impressive, long and narrow cliff on a sheer drop onto the sea. Seen from the trail coming from Corniglia, the look of the cliff recalls the shape of a ship prow, and the whole town seems a ship ready to sail-off at sea. Founded in the 11th century, Vernazza developed through the centuries a strong marine tradition. The marina is a great location for strong minimalistic compositions.



A wonderful medieval town placed on the edge of the Poet’s Gulf, between the Cinque Terre and the city of La Spezia. The tall and narrow houses, the Genoan castle, the Church of St. Peter built in 1198 and the amazing rocky coastline are the main features of this Portovenere.


Portofino is one of the most characteristic and exclusive locations not only in the Ligurian coast  but in the entire Mediterranean sea.


A small town not far from Savona, established as a port by the Saracens in the middle age, features two wonderful sand beaches and it's well known for the colourful houses built directly on the shoreline.


Camogli is a beautiful small town of the Ligurian coast, one of the many medieval villages you can find along the coast between Genoa and La Spezia. Its main feature is certainly  Dragon’s Castle (Castello del Dragone), a fortress with the annexed cathedral a step away from the sea. But also the busy fishermen's harbour and the line of colorful facades of the houses along the coast are very nice subjects to see and photograph.


The Love Trail

The famous "Via dell’Amore", a paved trail dug into the rocky cliffs overlooking the Ligurian Sea, starts in Riomaggiore and finishes in Corniglia. The path is wonderful and offers many excellent vantage points for photographing Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia and the coastline in between.

Example of a typical

day in the field


Sunrise and early morning

Sunrise and early morning: wake up about 30-40 minutes before dawn and with a ten minutes walk  from the hotel we will get to a small,  very nice beach of pebbles just southeast of Riomaggiore. We will shoot the sun rising from behind the cliffs at the shore with surf and crashing waves in the foreground, and we will also focus on the beautiful, multi-coloured pebbles at the beach, which are an ideal subject for some serious abstract and close up.

rest of the morning

Mid morning: we will get back to the village and we will focus on the many very interesting features of Riomaggiore, such as the small harbour with the cobalt blue fishermen's boats, the small lanes of the centre of the town and the tall buidings painted with bright colours, in the typical ligurian style.  

Lunch: we will grab a quick lunch at some bar/trattoria in Riomaggiore.


Afternoon: Right after lunch we will take a walk on the Sentiero dell'Amore (Love Trail), the footpath from Riomaggiore to Manarola, and we will shoot the jagged coast and cliffs along the road. In the case the Sentiero is close for maintenance (as it sometimes happens in winter time) we will get to Manarola by train. We will spend the rest of the afternoon photographing at Manarola. Manarola, with its colourful fishermen's houses clinging onto the rugged cliffs and its tiny harbor, is probably the most pictoresque among the five villages.


We will wait for sunset at the reefs beneath the harbour. This is a wonderful spot for seascapes of great impact, with surf, crashing waves and beautiful whirls produced by the sea undertow.

Looking for more images?

Check my photo portfolio online for hundreds of images from this and other areas of Italy - Click the image below.


Requirements, prices and other useful information about this workshop


What is a high rope course?

Vimmerby Adventure is an “aerial forest ropes park” consisting of more than 80 platforms installed in the trees and connected by various configurations of cable, wood and rope to form bridges and zip lines.
Groups of these bridges or “elements” link together to form separate trails through the trees. There are 8 trails in total, with challenge levels suitable for every age and skill level–from beginner to expert. Each person selects the trail(s) they want and climbs at their own pace.

Are there different levels of difficulty?

Yes, our course elements are graded similar to the Ski Run grading system, so there is something for everyone. Whether you want to take it easy on your first visit, or you're an adrenalin adventure thrill seeker!
The blue course – Easy elements.
The red course – Intermediate/slightly more challenging elements
The black course – Hard route/difficult elements – (this course is only for people over the age of 16).

Who can take part?

Mums, dads, grandparents!, families, friends, youth organisations, schools, corporate groups, social groups and anyone who is up for some adventure. Depending on your fitness level, there is something for everyone and enough challenges for everyone. Kids aged of three can climb for free but have to be supervised by a parent while climbing. From the age of four the children are allowed to climb on their own. Minimum height of the child must be 1 meter.

Is there a weight limit?

There is a weight limit of 110kg for participation in the activities. Participation is also dependent on climbers adequately fitting the safety equipment. We have a range of different harness sizes available, with larger harnesses to ensure comfort for larger climbers.

What if I'm pregnant?

Unfortunately due to safety risks anyone who is pregnant is unable to participate.

Do I need to be fit?

You do need a degree of physical fitness but it’s probably easier than you might think. It might reassure you to know that it is very rare for a person to stop because they weren’t fit enough. If you aren’t sure then pay us a visit and have a look at what is required prior to taking part. The 18 meter high Black Course is definitely more challenging than the 1 meter high course ;-)

Is it safe?

In a word – yes! We use a TÜV certified safety system called Expoglider. This means that you can NEVER be unattached. The system operates by sliding the cable on the safety harness on the cable from the course, it can only be unattached at the very end of the course, so you cannot become unattached. All you need to do is follow our simple training instructions and you’ll have a safe and fun time. Before you start, you’ll receive a full safety brief and then you are off! The course does however consist of fun but challenging obstacles so there is a risk of minor injury.

What if I Fall?

Because you are attached to our course by a smart belay safety system, if you do slip or fall off the course your harness will catch you, you then try to find your footing and continue with the course. We know it's usually the fear of falling off whilst on the course that concerns most people, so this is why we cover this in our safety briefing and demo. You will feel what it is like to fall off the element and be caught by your harness. You will be able to practice how to get back up and then continue with the course, this way if it happens when your up in the trees you will know what to expect! After all, our Indiana Bridge is designed to be as wobbly as possible, and falling off is great fun!

What if I have a fear of heights?

The courses are designed to help you build your confidence as you go. Vimmerby Adventure has helped many people to conquer their fear of heights.
All our activities are a challenge by choice and we promise, we will never try to make you do anything you don’t want to. But…the feeling of achievement you get from completing a course, or zipping a line leaves most hesitant adventurers beaming from ear-to-ear! Why not try it – you might surprise yourself!

What if it rains?

You can have just as much fun in the rain as you can in the sun! We assess the course first thing in the morning and will always put your safety first and will not operate in extreme weather conditions. We may need to close the course or parts of the course at short notice due to lightning or extremely high winds. Our team will organise another day for you to come back to complete your adventure! (Conditions may apply). If in doubt – call ahead to check.

What can I expect when I arrive?

When you arrive, you will sign in at our Climbing cabin, complete your paperwork and meet your leader for the day. Please ensure you remove all jewellery, long hair must be tied back, and you have to wear suitable clothing and footwear. Safety Equipment Fitting
All climbers will be fitted with a harness and helmet by our staff. Once this is completed they will be asked to read the park safety rules. Safety Demonstration
Our staff will lead your group through a 15 minute safety demonstration, then all climbers are required to familiarise themselves with our equipment on our practice course. Please note: you may be required to complete the safety demonstration and practise course with other customers. The Climb
The duration of your climb will depend on the adventure option you have selected. On average it takes 20 to 45 minutes to complete an adventure option. Other factors such as; how many other climbers there are in the park at the time of your visit and the level of your confidence etc. can effect your overall climb time. Please see the adventures page for more info. Please note: you can climb each course multiple times if you want.
You are welcome to take breaks during your visit. At the end of each course the climbers arrive back to the ground. It is not disruptive to other participants progression to break for lunch or a snack. Course Completion and Equipment Return
Upon completion of your adventure option everyone will be asked to return their safety gear and our staff will be on hand should you need any assistance.

What should I wear?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing suited to activity in the outdoors that will be comfortable under a harness. We recommend not wearing short shorts or having an exposed midriff as this can be uncomfortable when wearing a harness.
Closed in shoes (e.g. sneakers and trainers) are required, no open toe footwear including jandals, sandals or slip off shoes are allowed.
Shoulder length hair or longer must be tied up to minimise the risk of it becoming caught. Hair needs to be tied as low as possible so that a helmet can be fitted properly. A helmet must also be able to be fitted over any religious headwear.
Gloves are not a requirement, but are available to purchase. You are welcome to bring your own gloves to wear while undertaking the activities, we recommend fingerless bicycle gloves.
You are not allowed to bring any kind of bag with you on the course.
Please dress appropriately for the forecasted weather conditions, a light waterproof jacket is recommended when rain is forecast. Unfortunately, there are no changing room facilities at the park so please ensure you arrive in appropriate attire.

What do I need to bring with me?

Sunscreen, closed toed shoes, jacket (optional), backpack (optional), gloves (optional), pants or long shorts, regular t-shirt/long sleeves and long hair pulled back into a ponytail or a braid.

What should I leave at home / on the ground?

Jewelry, expensive sunglasses, backpack and/or loose items in your pockets.
We are not responsible for lost, damaged and or stolen valuables on property.

Can I bring my camera or camcorder?

Yes you can – we recommend it!! All we ask that your camera is secured to your person by a lanyard or camera strap to prevent it falling from height. We regret we cannot allow any participants on the course without this, and we can not take any responsibility for any loss or damage to equipment taken on the course. Why not send us some of your pics of you monkeying around!?

Is there storage room for my belongings?

We do not have any facilities to store your personal belongings. Unfortunately, there are no changing room facilities at the park so please ensure you arrive in appropriate attire.

Will there be a guide with me at all times?

Before climbing all participants are taken through a 15 minute safety demonstration led by a Vimmerby Adventure instructor, then required to demonstrate understanding on a practice course. This ensures all climbers and supervisors are familiar with the park safety rules including how to use the safety equipment correctly and how to safely undertake the activities. Once participants have completed the practice course they continue unguided while Vimmerby Adventure instructors actively patrol the park should anyone need assistance or have any questions

Is there a time limit?

While we encourage you to take your time on the activities and to stop for breaks as needed, you cannot keep climbing for as long as you want to, and each course in your adventure option may only be completed once. We do not actively enforce time limits, however in some cases when it is taking over 2,5 hours to complete the courses you may be required to stop climbing for reasons such as other participants requiring your safety equipment or reaching closing time.

Can I get down at any time?

Yes, if at any time you encounter difficulty or feel like you can’t continue climbing in the trees our specially trained rescue instructors are on hand to assist you and lower you to the ground if necessary.
Please note no refunds will be made for participants who decide not to complete the course or only do part of the course.

Can my family and friends watch me whilst I am on the course?

Yes. The great thing about our course is your friends and family can see you on all areas of our course. There is no charge for spectators and there is a picnic area if you want a picnic afterwards!

Can I bring my own food & drinks?

Sure! There is a picknick area where you can picknick before, whilst and after climbing. You are allowed to bring your own food (or even a barbecue) and drinks with the exception of alcohol, and glasses or glas bottles. Smoking is allowed in designated areas in the park.

Are there restrooms available?

Yes, there are toilets at the reception.

Is parking place available?

Yes, there is a free parking lot for all our guests.

Can I bring my dog?

Sure, but he/she has to be on a leash at all times ;-)

Don't arrive too late!

Keep in mind that our toughest courses start closing 1,5 hours before the Park closes for the evening. 1,5 hours before the park closes is the last instruction, if you arrive later than the last given intructions you can not climb. There is still plenty of fun to be had though, and it may be a great option for you!

Can I bring my GOPRO?

Yes, you can bring your GoPro with your helmet strap/chest mount or mount it to one of our helmets. You can only use the GoPro if it is safely and securely attatched. You will not be allowed to bring a selfie stick (arm extension) or tripod on the tour.

Rope Course


How long are the ziplines?

The ziplines are between 10 m and 500 m long.

How strong are the ziplines?

The cables have a strength up to 92.000 kg breaking strength and are the same as the ones used to stop jet planes on aircraft carriers. The harness has a strength of 3000 kg, and the lanyards will take 2200 kg.

How do I stop?

All our zip lines use gravity braking, so you don’t have to do anything. Our guides will slow you down or stop you as needed. You can slow yourself down by extending one arm and your legs to the sides, but you must always hold the lanyard with one hand.

How fast can I go?

You go 20-25 km an hour on the first zip line, faster on the later zip lines. You can make yourself go faster by curling up in a ball or putting your legs out straight parallel to the ground if you want.

How high do I have to climb to use the ziplines?

Some ziplines are part of the rope course and for some other ziplines you will have to climb a tower/stairs of about 20 m high.

What if I'm afraid of heights?

Most participants are surprised with the level of safety and comfort experienced during the ride after their first zip. Our entire zipline system is engineered for safety and employs a passive gravity braking system, which allows you an added level of assurance.

Do you have to be athletic to zip?

No, anyone who feels fit enough can do it. Since our guides do most of the work of hooking you up and stopping you at the other end, you can just sit back in your harness and look at the scenery as you ride if you want. Or you can twirl around or try to go as fast as you can. But you cannot hang upside down!

Pregnancy and medical conditions

If you are pregnant you can unfortumately not participate on the zip line (or rope courses). If you have back injuries or another medical condition, we suggest that you ask your doctor’s opinion before scheduling a zipline tour.

Can I bring my GOPRO?

Yes, you can bring your GoPro with your helmet strap/chest mount or mount it to one of our helmets. You can only use the GoPro if it is safely and securely attatched. You will not be allowed to bring a selfie stick (arm extension) or tripod on the tour.


There is no age limit. The below mentioned are the weight and height requirements. Minimum Weight: 30kg (Please note that the minimum weight depends on the weather conditions.) Minimum Height: 1m Maximum Weight: 110kg Maximum Height: 210cm For children younger than 8 years , a supervisor’s approval is required and the child must fit in the harness. Participants under the age of 14 will need a parent or guardian to accompany the minor and sign their waiver form.

Are there any additional restrictions?

Individuals who appear to be impaired due to use of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate and will forfeit their payment.

Free Fall

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