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About your photography instructor


Western Alps, summer 2014

I have been a full-time professional landscape, nature, travel and architecture photographer since 2007. I specialise in images of Italy, France and other European countries.
My pictures have appeared in calendars, books, travel magazines, brochures and as wall art in offices, hotels, restaurants and corporate venues.
I give workshops and live near Turin in Italy.

For more insights about my route towards professional photography, you might want to read my interview on Canon Professional Network

My aim in photography is to create dramatic and dynamic images capable of producing an emotional response, with stunning natural and man-made sceneries as subjects, utilising amazing light, wide angle lenses and neutral density filters, and usually waiting a long time in the field for those moments when unusual or harsh weather conditions contribute unique drama and mood.

With my photographs I always try to emotionally engage the viewers. The emotional component  of a picture is for me as much important as the documentary information. And, ideally, this two parts must have the same strength in a picture. More precisely, for me a photograph to be considered successful must be strong both in an aesthetical and emotional way. Therefore the subject is very important for me, but as much important is the choice of the moment, the weather conditions, the quality of light, the balance of the elements in the composition, the harmony - or the contrast - of tones and colours. When I succeed in this I feel it is very rewarding, and that’s why I’m always looking for new, beautiful places to capture. However I find inspiration wherever the world shows its beauty, no matter if this happens to be the majesty of a peak shining in the serene light of dawn, a stormy sky casting some dramatic light on the shore and cliffs, a castle atop a hill or simply a cornfield dotted with red poppies. And the more I learn to recognize the hidden, innermost beauty of our world wherever I am, the more I realize how true the old saw of photographers is: photography is not about what you see, it’s about how you see.

Paolo De Faveri Photographer in Venice

Burano, Venice, winter 2009


Tuscany, spring 2013

Paolo De Faveri Photographer in Corsica

Tuscany, spring 2013

My photographs have been extensively published on a large variety of media such as tourism advertising brochures, magazines, calendars, books, home decor and wall art reproductions. All my images are available for publishing and other usages under a rights managed licensing scheme as stock photography and fine art prints, property decor art and corporate art.

My works are also available as limited and open edition prints as well as wall art reproductions, and they are ideally suited for gracing and enhancing the spaces of private properties as well as offices, hotels, restaurants, and any other corporate venues.


fine art landscape photography, nature photography, architecture photography, abstract photography, travel photography, rights managed image licensing, fine art prints, digital landscape photography workshops and private tuition.

Paolo De Faveri Photographer in Tuscany

Tuscany, spring 2012

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