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Messer Tulipano, the festival of Tulips

Pralormo is a very small town in the country side about 20 kms south-east of Turin in the region of Piedmont, Italy. This town, as almost every other town in this region, has a medieval castle. The castle of Pralormo dates back to XIII century and has arrived to our days perfectly conserved in its original look.

The castle of Pralormo and its amazing park during the Messer Tulipano exhibition

Every year, from the end of March to the beginning of May, the park of the castle hosts the exhibition called Messer Tulipano (Mr. Tulip), with the spectacular flowering of thousands of tulips and daffodils. Messer Tulipano has been held since the year 2000, and from that moment appears every spring in Pralormo to make the tulips bloom: each edition of this botanical event hosts a new planting, completely renewed in the varieties and in the color project. The planting, which takes place in late autumn involving 10 people for over 10 days, offers some rare and unknown varieties to the public but also varieties chosen to illustrate the history of the tulip.

One of the many flower beds in the park of the Castle of Pralormo

The event involves the entire park, designed in the nineteenth century by the court architect Xavier Kurten, creator of the most important gardens of the Savoy residences.

In the large lawns of the park there many flower beds that follow soft and sinuous shapes, designed in a particular way that does not alter the historical plan and the perspectives of the park. The flowerbeds therefore "wind" among the secular trees rather than presenting regular geometries, anf the resul is a very harmonious mix of flowers, trees and lanes.

Pink and red tulips in one of the many flower beds in the Park

If you want to visit and photograph this amazing exhibition you have to come in April. This location is very often included in two of my private workshops which I regularly run in Piedmont:

Some wonderful late afternoon's warm and soft light bathing a display of white tulips in the Park of the Castle of Pralormo

With such a colorful and detailed subject like tulips (or any other kind of colorful flowers of course) it's a big fun to play with slow shutter speeds and camera movement, to create abstract images of great impact

One of the many lanes of the Park of the Castle of Pralormo

And it's a big fun as well to play with a very shallow depth of field and isolate just a flower or two. I took this with my beloved 50mm f1,4, at maximum aperture

If you want to have more information about this amazing place and the Messer Tulipano exhibition, you can check their website:


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