Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom and Photoshop Post Production Lessons on video-chat
Image Processing Live Tutoring
By using Skype for our video chat sessions, I can share my screen, allowing therefore you to see what I am doing in real time, while we talk.  For the image processing session we can either use my files or you can send in the raw files of your images.


1 hour:  120 EUR (22% VAT included)
2 hours 220 EUR (22% VAT included)


• A Skype account - please learn how to get one here
• A headset (or separate speakers and microphone) and a webcam.
• Skype does not require a huge bandwith so a moderately fast internet connection will be sufficient for the lessons.
• Photoshop (at least CS4), Adobe Camera Raw and/or Lightroom.
how to process RAW files, and how to choose the correct processing procedure to achieve the desired look
how to reduce digital noise, vignetting and chromatic aberration in RAW files
how to process many times the same image to have a set of Tiff or Jpg files to be merged into a final image
how to process a sequence of RAW files to produce a stitched panorama
how to keep consistent the processing within a sequence
how to manually merge, in Photoshop, different exposures to create the final image
how to stitch panorama's sequences in Photoshop
different ways of stitching in Photoshop (reposition only, perspective, cylindrical, spherical, collage); how to choose the best stitching procedure depending on the focal length at which the sequence has been shot
how to remove or minimize distortions in Photoshop with the tools Scale, Perspective, Distortion and Warp
fine tuning of the images, how to enhance contrast, brightness and saturation on selected areas of the image, by mean of selection masks

how to prepare the image for their final use, such as web display, publishing and printing as fine art prints
Brief notes about colour spaces and maximum printable size according to the resolutions
Skills you will learn

These are the most common topic I teach in my online sessions:
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For booking your Image Processing session online, please send me an email to paolo@paolodefaveri.com explaining your needs, and I will be back to you right away. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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